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oyster fest and the past days

im thinking of making this journal friends onlyy... maybe. well anyways

The Oyster Fest was great. I went with Jimmy and Dan in Dan's car. Amanda was behind us but she got lost on the way. haha. So it was just me and the crutches walking around for a bit. lovelyyy. Then we went to where the bands played and listened to them for like an hour. It was good. Jimmy got in a bad mood, lets not get into that. So he left us and went and saw Brian (Regan). Okay.. then Wendy found us and a lil afterwards Amanda B did too. We stayed there for awhile until Karina and Ashley came (cause I was gonna go with them) but Amanda had to wake me up at 8 saying, "Dan said he'd drive us to the Oyster Fest at 9ish after he said bye to his mom". Well we went to the Lombardi's and had to wake him up, lol. Then we went to his house and waited and stuff then went out to eat at that Greek Diner next to Friendlys in the morn before we went to the fest.

So when Karina and Ashley came I hung out with them. Hours later it poured, and we didnt end up meeting up with the Crutchfields at Subway to bring us home like we said. grrrr :(. hehe. Well Ashley's and my mom found us around 4ish after Karina, Ashley, and I found garbage bags to put on and took an umbrella from this guy Karina knew. By the way it wasnt just rain, a tornadoe had hit the town near us so everyone got drenched by the rain.. floods happened actually, and it was coldddd. lol Nice day to have a fest. After we got in the car Ashley and Karina went to my house, I gave them my clothes to wear while theirs, and mine, were in the dryer. We played n64 games and then walked toAdams to eat bagels at DD. Then they went home around.. 10 (or later).

Next day Karina called me and we hung out the whole day n stuff. Forgot what day the oyster fest was so I dont know what day Karina and I hung out. But it wasnt long ago. So the latest thing was tennis on Monday... it was just Adreona and me that played tennis other than the boys that were already on the tennis team. And yesterday was August 24, MY DADDY'S BIRTHDAY. I'll just let you guess how old he is. ;) So he and mom went to the casino.. umm Mohegan Sun while Amanda and I cleaned. I cleaned the kitchen all by myslef while Amanda eat and stuff. Its beautiful now. So now its the 25th, a Wed. and there is 1 more week of summer left. NO!!!!!! Well today (Marilyn got home last night around 12) Marilyn, Christina, and I went to see the movie "Without a Paddle". good movie. And now I'm home alone here till dad gets back home from deliving an ac to someone, and Amanda went with him just so she can go to Jims afterwards. Oh and two days ago I got a cell phone to share with Amanda, YES TO SHARE which means Amanda will have it all the time and use up all the minutes in a week... and along with the cell I got a new, better, computer and I got an aucustic(sp?) guitar. I wanna take that up, anyone willing to teach me? :) i love presents.

<3 buh bye.. iloveyouu
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