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so I went to Lake Compounce on Wed. It was great fun, but I did get sun burned. oow. lol. And I wasnt sick! yay, not even car sick. Thursday everyone was lazy and tired in school from the trip. And today was good. I had lots of fun at the mall. I went with Sam W, Reem, Rachel K, and then met up with Marilyn. We went to stores that I usually dont go to. Reem, Sam, and me bought skirts and cheap rings. So then when Sam and I were dancing on the dance thing in the Ar-cade room this guy was throwing skittles at me while I was dancing. So I went up to him and started talking, so then Sam and Reem started talking to Im then we brought him, and his friend, over to the table (near FYE) where Rachel K and Marilyn were.

So his name is Doug and he's 16 from East Haven. And his friend is named Dan and I think he's 15, though he dosent look like it. lol. Well Doug was really cool, I got his sn and phone number. He dresses well. :). We all had fun at the mall. It was a good day. And early tomorrow morning I have to go to The Weise(sp?) Bat mitszah. The Weises are Rachel and Andrew, the twins.
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