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Monday- D.R.P.'s in school.

Tuesday- was okay.

Wednesday- cheered me up becuase we had played soccer in gym.

Thursday- I hate Mr. Bednarsky.

Friday- Foran Talent show. I finally heard Godsdayoff play (Dan and Jimmy C, and Dane) <3. They were good, it was fun. I was with Christina, Marilyn, Jacky, Carla, and another Jacky. I bought Dan a cookie and a drink to share cause I knew he was hungry. He wouldnt accept it but I got to get him to eat the cookie. lol

Today (saturday)- went to the movies with Marilyn and Christina to see Shrek 2. It was funny.

I dont knoe if Im truely happy, but lately I have been mellow. Thats still good.
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